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Little Birdie is a safe-space for Women. What does this mean?

As a salon dedicated to women and women's issues, we pride ourselves on being a safe space for breastfeeding mums as well as Domestic Violence Victims. We have the ability to give you a space somewhere quiet for you to feed your children (though most feel comfortable feeding at their seat, we understand not everyone is and have a space for you if you prefer privacy) 

We are also working toward a White Ribbon Accreditation to better help our staff and clients if they are experiencing Domestic Violence and need to reach out to us. By working together, we can help put an end to male-led violence in the home. Please reach out if you need help, we will do our best to make sure your concerns don't fall on deaf ears. 

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What are your booking policies?  


Booking: When booking an appointment online, our booking system will ask you for a $30 deposit. If you are new to Little Birdie and booking in person or over the phone, we also ask for a $30 deposit to secure it. This deposit is transferrable or refundable if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment with MORE than 24hours notice.

Non-Confirmed Appointments: We reach out 48hours before your appointment to confirm you're still able to make your appointment. All we ask is you reply with a YES or a NO so we can make sure we can fill a cancellation with someone on our cancellation list. If you do not reply to a confirmation message, we will send another. If you haven't confirmed your appointment by the morning of your appointment, our booking system will delete the appointment and someone on our wait list will be contacted to fill the space. 

Last Minute Cancellations/Reschedules: We understand things happen and last minute changes need to be made, but if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24hours of the appointment, our booking system will ask you to pay 50% of your booked service as a cancellation fee before you are able to book another appointment. If you paid a deposit, the $30 will be used toward this fee.  

No-Shows: Similarly to our cancellation policy, if you confirm your appointment and do not attend your appointment, you will be required to pay 50% of your original booking as a cancellation fee. If you paid a deposit, the $30 will be used toward this fee.  

Late Arrivals: We will try our best to accommodate you if there's traffic or you get caught up at work/get lost, but please understand we may need to shorten your service because of it. Cancellation policies apply if you choose to cancel due to late arrival. 

Why do you ask for deposits? Why do you charge cancellation fees? 


At any given time, we have five or more people on our cancellation list. Not showing up to an appointment or cancelling it at the last minute is frustrating to us, of course, but it also takes away the opportunity for someone who has been waiting weeks to have their hair done. 

We appreciate your understanding with our cancellation and booking fees and thank you for supporting Little Birdie for the past six years and onwards as we grow as a salon group. 

Why don't you use Plex systems? 

Plex systems are re-builders/enchancers/multipliers. They claim that when the hair is damaged from the lightening process, their products can 'mend' the damage as the bleach lightens. We see a few issues with these claims and have tried to explain them below:

1. Once you add a plex to your colouring products, you slow down the colouring process. This means our clients are in the chair longer. When slowing down the lightening process, you can also introduce unwanted yellow/golden tones (which is often what our clients are trying to avoid!) 

2. Because the process is slowed, most manufacturers recommend upping your 'developer' (that's the bad stuff). This means instead of a normal and gentle lift, you're forced to use pretty hardcore stuff! Why take the risk? 

3. Once added to your colour, your hair becomes dependant on it and you need to use it all the time. Forget to use it between visits? Can't afford the time or added cost during you next foil service? Instant breakage! Your hair is both your natural and the artificial bonder, so all the good work is undone by not using the product properly. 

4. We were all trained as hairdressers without having to rely on Plex systems. What did hairdressers do before Plexes became a thing?! A good hairdresser can lift your hair safely without having to rely on these systems. We're all about taking you from your current hair to your desired goal in a realistic time frame, not one based on which celeb managed to go from black to blonde in a day. 

How can I pay for my appointment? 

We take EFTPOS, Cash, Afterpay (any transaction over $50). When booking online, you can select the option to save your card details and we can charge that card after your appointment!  

How can I get a quote? How can I make a booking? 


You can get a quote by messaging us on Facebook or Instagram, in person (though we do ask you to please book a consult as we can't accommodate walk-ins) or over the phone by texting to calling 0487 871 107. Please send us a photo of your hair now and the inspo photos you like the look of and our management team will be back to you within 48hours. 

You can make a booking any of the above ways, or by clicking HERE.