Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?


Mon - Thurs: 9.30am - 9pm

Friday: 9.30am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - 4pm



Wed: 9am - 5pm

Thurs: 9am - 9pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am – 4pm


Wed - Thurs: 9.30am - 9pm

Friday: 9.30am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am – 4pm


Do you have parking available?


We have parking available at our store front as well as at the back via Thorne street. Wynnum train station is also only a short walk away.



We have parking available at the front of our salon as well as on Melrose Parade.


We have parking available at the front of our salon as well as via the back driveway on Lawrence street.


Cancellation Policy

Online bookings

When you book online, a copy of your credit card is securely stored by our booking system and you are automatically charged a $30 deposit. If you cancel within 24 hours or fail to turn up to a confirmed appointment you will be charged 50% of your booked service (your deposit will be used towards this).

In store/phone bookings

All new clients are required to pay a $30 deposit. If you cancel within 24 hours or fail to turn up to a confirmed appointment you will be charged 50% of your booked service (your deposit will be used towards this).

All no-show clients

If you have confirmed an appointment with us and do not attend, 50% of your booked service is deducted or is kept as a no-show fee. If you do not confirm your appointment by 8:30AM on the day of your appointment, it is cancelled automatically by our booking system and the $30 deposit is kept as a cancellation fee.

Why we take deposits / Why am I charged different deposit amounts?

At any given time, we have five or more people on our cancellation list. Not showing up for an appointment not only inconveniences us but takes away the opportunity for someone else who has been waiting weeks to have their hair done. The deposits help us ensure that if someone does not show up, we are getting at least a small compensation back for our staff members unable to perform their duties.

We appreciate your understanding with our deposit and cancellation policies and thank you for your support during the last five years and beyond as the salon continues to grow.

Why we don’t use Plex systems

Plex systems are bond rebuilders/enhancers/multipliers. They claim that when hair bonds are broken during a lightening service, the products can ‘mend’ the bonds at the same time. We see a few issues with this:

  1. Once added to a lightening  product/mixture they slow down the process – which means a lot longer in the chair and a warmer result (warm is gold toned)

  2. To prevent slowing the process, they recommend upping the developer used (this is the bad stuff!) So instead of being a normal and gentle lift, you’re using some seriously hardcore stuff. Wouldn’t you rather take the gentle alternative and not take the risk?

  3. Once added to your colour, you have to use it forever. If you aren’t using the at home step or if you decide to skip using plex at your next hair appointment – then ta-da! Instant breakage. This is because your hair bonds are now made of this artificial stuff, you constantly have to keep using it.

  4. How did hairdressers manage before this came along? We were just as good at our job. A good hairdresser doesn’t need to rely on these things. Plex systems only came into our reach in recent years. So if you were walking out of the salon with breakage, then you need a new hairdresser, not a Plex system.


How do I get a quote?

Please send a photo of your hair now as well as a goal photo through to us along with which Salon you were wanting an appointment with and your availability. Please allow up to 48 hours for our booking concierge to respond.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Afterpay, EFTPOS card and cash.


Lateness policy

If you are more than 10 minutes late we may cancel or shorten your appointment.  Cancellation policies will apply.


How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling or texting our booking concierge on 0487 871 107, in store or online HERE.


Can we do all colours?

Dark to light transformations, pastel colours, vivid colours, blondes, darks, coppers - we can do them all.  All our stylists at LBHCO were chosen due to there extensive skill with colour, however it is SO important and we cannot stress enough the importance of having realistic expectations!  We can only do what your hair allows us too!  Having a huge transformation like going from box dye to blonde can take up to 2 years, $2000+ and a whole lot of treating your locks like a princess. If you are looking for a transformation we will happily do you a colour plan outlining colour frequency and cost involved, which would include the use of the home hair care we recommend.  The integrity of your hair and keeping it on your hair is our main focus and for that reason we will never be a black to blonde in one sitting kinda salon, why?  Because we care.

What brands do we use?

At Little Birdie Hair Co we are committed to offering a range of products that meet our values of vegan and sustainability. The brands we use in store are MUK, Eleven, Sparrow, Everescents, O&M.


Can my regular senior stylist blowdry my hair at the end of my appointment?

All blowdrys with a colour service are  complimentary (we don’t charge for them) – therefore our emerging stylists do them. Our senior stylists are in demand, however, if you wish for them to complete your blowdry at the end of your service the price is $65.


A Domestic Violence SAFEZONE

Our salon is a Domestic Violence SAFEZONE. If you are ever feeling unsafe and feel like you and or your children have nowhere to go, please know that you can always come to Little Birdie. There is no judgement and we are always here to help. Someone is always here during our opening hours. No questions asked, just turn up.


The DV Hotline is also open 24 hours – 1800 811 811.


A breastfeeding safe space

If you need a safe space or a little pitstop to breastfeed your baby, come on in and we will make you comfortable. No appointment necessary, just pop on in anytime. A warm tea and a comfy chair awaits you and bub.

Colour grace period

Not 100% happy with your colour by us? Let us know within 7 days of your appointment to get a completely free redo.


What else do you sell?

In addition to our Eleven, Sparrow, Everescents and O&M hair products, we also sell hot tools, plants and sustainable jewellery from local designers.