Meet the Tribe

TENILLE - Creative Director

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  • 20 years hairdressing

  • Multi award winning colourist

  • Colour educator for international brand for 13 years

  • Worked backstage at fashion week for many years

  • Styled hair for photoshoots and runway shows

  • International session stylist - working in Europe and Asia

  • Salon owner for 15 years

  • Colour correction expert

  • Product development manager for international salon product range

  • Lover of 80's power ballads, bubble tea enthusiast and sneaker addict

TRIA - Salon Manager

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  • 6 years of hairdressing experience

  • Blonde and bob expert

  • Avid true crime buff

  • Resident Harry Potter dork

  • Living her best grandma life with two cats and cross-stitching in her spare time

  • Have a look on my instagram to see my latest work @tria_littlebirdiehairco


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  • 9 years hairdressing

  • Specialising in long hair styling, balayage and microfoiling

  • Energetic & passionate

  • Qualified barber

  • Qualified makeup artist

  • Dog mom to Opie

  • Have a look on my Instagram to see my latest work @lyndsay_littlebirdiehairco


  • Supermum to 5 girls

  • Grey coverage specialist

  • Ombre and Melts guru

  • Knows the lyrics to every RnB song

CORINNE - Salon Coordinator

  • Over 10 years experience in the hair and beauty industry

  • "Hairdresser by association"

  • Mumma to fur child Axl Rose

  • Obsessed with horror movies

  • Lives for old school rock n roll


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  • Our resident Kardashian

  • Bob and Lob expert

  • Dark hair balayage specialist

  • May have different glasses on every day


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  • 20 years hairdressing

  • Master Colourist

  • Foiling and Microfoiling specialist

  • Bob and Lob specialist

  • Passionate about the environment

  • Saving the world one coffee at a time

  • Super mum to 3 boys

  • Have a look at my work on my Instagram @erica.littlebirdiehairco


  • Best shampoo girl on the block

  • Birdie Barista

  • Doesn't get scared by zombies


  • Resident older sister to Cass

  • Scalp massages better than chocolate

  • Just got her license!

  • Mum makes the best brownies ever


  • Always the quiet achiever

  • Gym junkie

  • Little Birdie Protege

  • Loves to organise 


  • Blonde, blondes and blondes

  • Hair product recommendation expert

  • Butter won't melt in her mouth

  • Could be on the front cover of Cosmo


  • School based apprentice

  • Whizz on blowdrying and waves

  • Scalp massages are to die for

PAIGE - Makeup Artist

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  • 5 years of makeup experience

  • Trained with Kim Kardashians Makeup Artist

  • Trained digital marketing specialist

  • Obsessed with chocolate, movies and podcasts


  • Weekly Mountain Climber

  • So fit it hurts

  • Mum of three

  • Scalp bleach whizz

  • Lived in blonde specialist 


  • Blonde and balayage queen

  • Loves making new friends

  • Avid traveller- aiming for 40 countries before 30

  • Crazy dog mum to Bailey

  • Has a fully decked out camper van Byron bound


  • The newest LBHCo baby

  • School based apprentice

  • Has hair to die for

  • Bubbly and super cute


  • Sweeter than sugar

  • Foiling perfectionist

  • Can wave like its 1999

  • Is a twin

  • Should be on Burleigh Hill with an açai bowl


  • Our little Saturday helper

  • Tenille's eldest daughter

  • Will work for snacks

  • Addicted to her phone and Netflix

  • Loves to sleep