5 Tips to perfect your glam routine

Welcome to the makeup issue! As the Little Birdie Hair Co in-house makeup artist I am so excited to take this opportunity to introduce myself and educate you a little bit about what I do and why.

I started my career in the makeup industry four years ago when you could basically only get your makeup done at a MAC counter and all of my girlfriends needed help getting ready to go out. My business took off from there and since I have had the opportunity to learn from a few professional artists whom inspire me including Mario Dedivanovic, best known for being Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist.

I believe you can never stop learning in this industry, and since the rise of the YouTube beauty community, my clients have grown more and more educated about the products they use. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a few key tips for doing your makeup from home and how you can maximise your skills to look camera ready every day of the week.

My first tip is to let your natural beauty shine through by not going heavy with products. Start with minimal product and build up, because you can always add more later! Whether its brows, foundation, powder or contour – there is no need to pack on the product when you have the time to take it slow and build up until you are happy.

If you are a liner girl, you need to know this. To create the perfect wing, start by looking straight into the mirror and resting your liner brush or pen on the side of your face to mark where you want your liner to go. By doing the wing first you can attach the line to the eyelid from there. Having your eyes open while applying it will ensure the wing is in the correct position. Many people close their eye to apply the wing and this distorts the shape of how the wing will appear when your eyes are open.

This may seem like an obvious one but it needs to be said… CLEAN. YOUR. BRUSHES. Not only does the bacteria from your skin live in the bristles, mixing products on the brush can be devastating to your makeup routine. Here are some examples – getting acne and don’t know why? If you are using brushes over your acne prone/oily skin, that oil and bacteria will live in the brush and be applied to your skin the next time you use the brush. Another example - if you use a powder brush for your foundation setting and then use the same brush for bronzer or blush, the next time you use that brush for foundation the bronzer or blush will be applied all over your face, distorting the colour and potentially creating a pretty unwanted look. To disinfect my brushes between clients I use the disinfectant Isocol and then will shampoo the brushes every week or so to clean out any built up product.

Use a beauty blender or blending sponge to create a seamless base of foundation. Even if you apply your foundation with a brush, going over it with a damp sponge afterwards alleviates any lines from brush bristles, picks up any excess product and in my opinion, creates the perfect base.

My final recommendation is to take a makeup lesson (shameless self promo). While you can learn a lot from watching YouTube stars, the benefits of sitting down with an artist and going through the process of makeup application with products and techniques that suit your skin, style and lifestyle is priceless. Everybody is different and learning more about your face and features will help you over a lifetime to apply and purchase products that will work best for you.

Since setting up shop at Little Birdie Hair Co I have been blown away by the phenomenal staff, clients and values of the salon and I am so grateful to have a space in the heart of this home with this family. My makeup clients have always had to run around to get makeup and hair done, but now you can arrive and get fully glammed for your event, and leave only needing to change into your killer outfit. The peace of mind knowing you can get hair and makeup sorted from the one easy location has been a dream for all of my clients so far and if I haven’t had the pleasure to meet you yet, I know you will love it too. You can check out our competitive pricing packages on the Little Birdie website, we’ll see you soon!

Paige x