7 ways to nurture your hair this winter

Wash your hair less often. Use shampoo sparingly a few times per week to leave your hair’s natural oils intact. If your scalp tends to be very oily and needs more frequent washes, focus the product on your scalp and roots and leave the rest alone. Avoid over-rinsing, which can further remove your hair’s natural oils.

Always use conditioner. Invest in more intensive formulas for the winter months and condition your hair after every shampoo with a leave-in formula to replenish the moisture.

Refrain from using hot water. Although a hot shower on a cold morning might feel like heaven, be aware that it’s hell for your hair. When your hair will be under the water stream, lower the temperature to luke-warm. Use the cold water to seal your hair’s cuticles and prevent its oils from escaping.

Moisturise your hair overnight. Before you go to sleep, apply a hair treatment. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb it through your hair to restore your hair’s moisture while you sleep.

Improve your diet. Keep your hair hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water daily. Include healthy fats in your diet to help thicken your hair and balance your diet between lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables that are rich in zinc and vitamin A.

Apply direct heat rarely. Since your hair already has trouble holding onto its moisture, refrain from using blow-dryers and curling irons. Allow your hair to air-dry, or gently massage it with a towel to quicken the process.

Keep your hair up. Whether you have short or long hair, style it in an up-do to minimise its exposure to the dry winter air. Keep it close to the source of your own natural oils while trapping the moisture in.