Be Brave, Be Bold.

Stand out with an all over bright pink to a flame-thrower balayage, creative colours are a great way to rock statement hair.

Little Birdie Hair Co utilise the extensive MUK Haircare direct dye colour range to provide any colour of the rainbow to our daring mermaid and/or unicorn clients.

The creative colouring process varies from guest to guest depending on the desired result and can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. Most of these colour results can be achieved in one session, however, your expert colourist will determine during your initial consultation if the process will require more than one session. In cases of needing to transition from black to blonde, this can take a few sessions to achieve your desired shade while maintaining your hairs integrity!

Most creative colours require some, if not all the hair to be pre-lightened. As a rule, we tend to work with natural hair in our creative balayage’s in order to provide a low maintenance regrowth on a high maintenance colour. YES. High maintenance! Some direct dyes fade or soften within a few weeks, so in order to maintain those unicorn locks, you will have a shower stocked up with treatments and toning shampoos AND have a salon appointment booked in every 8 weeks (6 weeks for scalp bleaches) to maintain those fun hues! 

Not to stress though. If having fun hair becomes too high maintenance, it is possible to go back to a natural colour in the future.

Give us a call to quote how we can make your daring colour dreams a reality!