How to choose the perfect tone of blonde for you

Transitioning your hair to blonde can be a demanding and lengthy process, so it is essential to have your expectations at an achievable level. Whether your dream is cool, ashy, creamy, pearly, warm, golden or honey; there is no point in beginning your journey to find out if blonde’s have more fun, if it is not the right tone for you.

The recent trend of the white or grey colour has prompted the rise of the desired cool toned blonde. Many clients come in requesting this cool tone, thinking that it will ensure they have the lightest colour possible. In fact, cool tones actually dull down the blonde colour. Think of a manila folder and a grey piece of paper – they’re technically the same colour depth, but the yellow tones of the manila folder make it appear brighter.

Generally speaking, the best way to work out the tone of blonde that will compliment you, is to compare it against your skin tone. If you look at the veins on your wrist, you can determine your skin tone. If the veins appear blue your skin tone is cooler, whereas if they look green your skin is warm tone. Cooler skin tones will suit warmer hair colour and warmer skin tones can suit either cool or warm tones. Often times if you do decide on a cooler blonde tone when you have a cool skin tone it can make you appear washed out. This is not the rule but the general advice we give.

A common misconception is that toner will lighten and brighten your current colour. However, toners will not lighten your hair, they will only deposit colour and can neutralise any unwanted tones or even add a tone you may want (for example a pink or copper tone). When you receive a blonde colour treatment, your stylist will recommend a toner and hair care guide suited to your hair that will upkeep the desired tone before your next appointment.

If you’re ready to transform your hair into the perfect blonde, come in for a consultation with our stylists and we can determine the tone that is suited to you.