Introducing SPARROW

Little Birdie Hair Co (LBHC) are proud to introduce our very own ‘Sparrow’, the low-tox, sustainable and eco-conscious hair care range. Packaged in sustainable, reusable bottles made from recycled plastics and filled with 100% certified organic ingredients that can be refilled in store, this range will be every clients eco-friendly answer to sustainable home hair care products. In addition, these versatile products can be customised with scented oils to cater to every clients dessert scented craving. Do you love our in-store hair treatment flavours with fragrant scents that last in your hair until your next wash? Well, you can choose your favourite Little Birdie treatment menu scent and customise any Sparrow product to make your dessert flavoured dreams come true! New scents coming this month are lychee, bubble gum and blueberry. Little Birdie are proud to be pioneers in the sustainable hair care space and pave the way for low-tox to be the standard every client expects from their products. You can purchase your products in store now, speak to one of our stylists to learn more and find out which Sparrow range is right for you!