Why supermarket shampoo is ruining your hair

Has your colour ever not turned out the way you OR your hair colourist expected? Do you experience dull, dry or oily hair and just seem to keep using more shampoo? Is your shampoo from the supermarket? If you answered yes to all of the above, keep on reading!

Let's start by clarifying the main function of shampoo, which is to remove excess oil from your hair and scalp whilst treating the needs of your specific hair type.

Similar to how we look at different qualities of food, salon and supermarket products differ based on the types of ingredients used. You will notice at the supermarket, the ingredients label is usually intentionally too small to read. The ingredients in these products differ based on sulfate, silicone, water and alcohol levels which all contribute to the overall health and look of your hair.

Many supermarket brands give the illusion of soft, shiny hair with synthetic silicone, but over time this builds up and makes the hair heavy. Your colour service is also effected by the silicone build up as the colour will be unable to penetrate the hair which results in many hair salon horror stories. Some of these side effects can include dry and brittle hair after a lightening treatment.

It is for this reason your stylist may recommend holding off on a colour transformation for a few weeks while you utilise a salon quality shampoo to break down the silicone and regenerate the hair health. Some also prefer to avoid silicone based products for environmental concerns, as it can last much longer than plastic.

The first ingredient in many supermarket products tends to be water, which dilutes the rest of the ingredients and makes the size of the product seem like good value. You pay less, but have to use more product to get the desired result, so in the long run, using twice as much as the half-priced shampoo will not save you money over time. Products sold in salons use higher concentrated ingredients, therefore you can use less product and the results will last much longer.

If a product is recommended and sold in our salon it is because we have used and approved it! If you want the best results from your colour, cut, style or just overall hair health, then investing in salon quality products is the best place to start. Get in touch today to find out your personalised at home hair care plan.

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