colour and hair care

By introducing Hueverse by Evo, we are able to keep our clients hair healthy as well as maintain their general health. Hueverse is the cleanest colour on the market and is proudly vegan and gluten free as well as completely free from the nasties like resorcinol, ammonia and harsh artificial fragrances. 

Our Haircare ranges are all: 

- Paraben and Sulphate free

- Free from artificial silicones

- Vegan friendly

- Reduced or recycled plastic bottles

We also have a refill station for 85% of our shampoos and conditioners, allowing us to minimise the packaging when we order products as well as making our mark on helping to reduce plastic production associated with shampoo and conditioner storage. 


salon wastage

Our eco policies extend to everything we do both client-facing and behind the scenes:

- Hair cuttings donated to local community gardens

- Coffee grounds are composted/coffee pods biodegradable 

- Fair trade coffee beans/pods

- Serve alkaline water in cans by Wallaby Water

- Toilet paper and paper towels from recycled goods

- EcoHeads to reduce excess water use

- Reduced energy lighting

-Vegan wine only

- Live greenery to purify salon air

- Metal and bamboo straws only

- Requests from suppliers to delivery with little to no packaging

- Recyclable paper POS and digital receipts available

- Repurposing magazines for colour/balyage work

- Chemical bins instead of excess washed down sinks

- PING used to mix colours 

- Ipads with Magazine apps so no mass consumer printing

- We collect rainwater from our on site tank for our garden

- Onsite compost bin for food scraps

- Foil is recyclable and from recycled goods

- Groceries as bagless as possible, reduced plastic packaging only

- DIY natural cleaning products used only and in glass bottles

- Soap Berries and eco-friendly washing sheets used for laundry instead of harsh detergents

-All salon gloves are made from recycled material only and reused.

- All products in salon are made from organic properties only including all our beverages.

community care

Aside from offering recycle points for used products and our refill service, we also: 

- Choose three local eco-friendly charities a month for clients to help us support through donations 

- Host Sustainable Sunday events (cancelled due to Covid-19)

- Introduce clients to our eco-friendly salon partners

- Provide basic education on how to support sustainable salon practices

- Encourage clients to make the switch to sustainable hair care

- Host 'theme' days in salon to bring awareness to smaller charities and eco-friendly causes