"I moved to the Bayside area earlier this year and, when looking for a new local hairdresser, I had to try LBHCo. They were a name I already knew and, boy, they certainly do live up to their reputation (and then some). I always feel so welcomed at LBHCo. Unlike past salons, I don't feel like I have to fit a certain mold to feel worthy of having my hair done in their salon. Getting my hair done at LBHCo is a relaxing and blissful experience, and I look forward to every visit. All the staff are so friendly. It is easy to build up a genuine rapport and connection that feels so much like family. LBHCo has also taught me so much about the importance of sustainability and I honestly would not go anywhere else to have my hair done now."



I was hesitant to try a new salon being a blonde you like to stick to what you know, but being very unhappy where I was, the change was needed.

Fast forward to today - new hairdresser plunge day. The salon feel is warm and welcoming and all the staff are so friendly. I needed a serious color correction to farewell caramello and get me back to the color I want.

The amazing Amber & Tria looked after me and honestly I couldn’t be happier. We talked through every step and I was always informed where we were at the the desired outcome and I felt I was part of the process.

The hardest part of all of this is picking the scent of my treatment, we felt it only fitting to go with salted caramel as we had finally farewelled the terrible colour but it’s a nice smell. Can’t recommend this salon enough. If you want to feel welcome, comfortable and spoilt with amazing hair then this is the salon for you!


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