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About Us

Little Birdie Hair Co was founded by Tenille Lawrence in hopes of changing the way both hairdressers and clients view hairdressing.


Our female-led team is focused on sustainability and the health of our clients and their hair.


For over 6 years we have been creating beautiful hair, without the use of harsh ingredients and synthetic additives. 

Our Origins

Before Little Birdie Hair Co was formed, Tenille left a DV relationship that left her in financial ruin. Inspired to take back her life, Tenille opened her hair salon from home. With the help of her family, she saw clients at night after her day job to get back on her feet. 


As a multi award winning stylist and Internationally recognised global educator for 15 years, Tenille was fortunate enough to travel the world showcasing her talents: educating hairdressers, styling hair at runway shows, fashion week, magazine shoots and film sets, as well as being the go-to colourist for a number of celebrity clientele.


Although her career was taking off Tenille felt something was missing. She felt like she was getting more stressed, more sick and tired of spending her life on a plane away from her babies. Tenille followed what her heart was telling her and quit her day job to focus on Little Birdie Hair Co. It was only a matter of time until her little home salon snowballed into opening her first sustainable salon in a 150m2 warehouse in Brisbane’s beautiful bayside. 


Now Tenille is the owner of four salons, a part-time interior design student and a proud mother of four + Freddie our beloved salon dachshund who you can spot toddling around the Brisbane salon!

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Our Values

Along with her commitment to providing support to domestic violence victims, Tenille is also passionate about sustainability and low-lox living. During her time as a colour educator for global hair colour brands for 15 years, she developed multiple bouts of chemical poisoning from being exposed to harsh chemicals.


Since then, everything we do in our salons is low-toxic, from the haircare and colour brands we use to our recycling initiatives and commitment to sustainability through partnering with brands like Greenfleet that works to reduce global carbon emissions. ​

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