Our commitment to sustainable and vegan products and practices

The framework that Little Birdie Hair Co (LBHC) was built upon is one that relies on economic sustainability. The salon was constructed with every detail considered for eco-friendly alternatives. From the way the towels are washed, recycled hair, the salon’s fit out, compostable cups, to the way the staff and clients are educated, sustainability is a way of life at LBHC. Not only are there a copious amount of measures taken to ensure the salon creates as little waste as possible, the staff are genuinely passionate about creating this eco-friendly environment and recycle everything from product packaging to the cut hair! LBHC staff members continue to educate all clients on the sustainable methods taken within the salon and are proud to spread the salon ethos.


Sustainable solutions practised in store are:

  • Refill station for hair products

  • We carry our own sustainable, eco, reduced chemical retail range designed by the salon owner Tenille to suffice our environmental needs in the salon.

  • 40 55Litre bags of hair donated to community garden each month

  • Compostable coffee cups

  • Dedicated compost bin

  • Sugar cane pulp lids for coffee cups

  • Serve alkaline water

  • Collect rain water for plants

  • Recycled toilet paper

  • Recycle coffee grounds into soil for plant growth

  • Ecoheads for saving water consumption

  • Reduced energy lighting

  • Environmentally certified hair products

  • Live greenery in store to purify the air

  • No plastic policy

  • Use metal straws only

  • Utilise Eco packaging company

  • Paperless POS and salon - completely digital tablets for entertainment and magazines

  • Repurpose magazines that are brought in by clients for balayage use

  • Salon built on upcycled, reclaimed timbers

  • No chemicals down the drain

  • Align with eco partners with shared values

  • Sustainable Sunday events with the community

  • Foundation Friday donations made each week to a sustainable charity

  • Vegan, plant-based menu and organic wine bar

  • Ping for colour mixing

  • Recycled foil

  • Recycled eco choice gloves

  • Biodegradable coffee pod system

  • Purchase of fair trade coffee only

  • All stock is requested with no excess freight packaging

  • Groceries always bagless and limited plastic

  • No aerosols policy

  • DIY vegan cleaning products

  • Soapberries for washing machine