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Why we created the Birdie Balayage

As an eco-conscious salon, we wanted to offer our clientele a style that meets all our criteria of being long-lasting, low-maintenance and stylishly natural looking. The balayage has been a clear winner for us at Little Birdie Hair Co, and our very own head colourist has come up with a unique technique that gives you a beautiful and low-maintenance look that lasts longer in-between visits.

Being a low-tox brand, we take our clients’ health seriously by using the cleanest and greenest hair colour on the market, which is PPD, ammonia and resorcinol free. In terms of chemical toxicity, our colour Hue-verse is one of the safest options on the market when it comes to sensitive scalp, irritations and colouring during pregnancy. Hue-verse protects the scalp through its unique ingredients containing organic oils and allergen-free fragrance.

So, what is balayage?

Balayage is a hand-painted colouring technique that gives you a blended look with no obvious re-growth by adding a natural “sun-kissed’ look with a soft and blended colour to your hair. To do this, we add multidimensional meshes of light, which allows your hair to grow more seamlessly without any harsh demarcation lines.

It can be performed on any hair colour, whether a darker brunette or lighter blonde, and it’s designed to make your hair look flawlessly natural as it grows out, making it the perfect style for busy women who like a low-maintenance look.

Is balayage healthier for the hair?

We believe that the Birdie Balayage is less damaging than other colouring techniques because it doesn’t involve as much lightning as a traditional full head of foils. With our signature technique and placement, we can give maximum depth and lightness without over-saturating the hair. However, any colour technique will create some dryness for your hair, so it’s important to maintain your hair with quality products after any colour service.

How long does balayage last?

The best thing about the Birdie Balayage is that it has less upkeep than foils or scalp colour, which means that you can go longer in between appointments for the hair to be re-coloured. That being said, we always recommend toner and a salon treatment between top-ups to keep your hair shiny and fresh. Usually, balayage needs less maintenance than traditional colour as it grows out flawlessly with no obvious re-growth lines. Some balayage styles can go months in between colour appointments. However, we recommend having it coloured every 8-12 weeks for the very best results.

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